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Welcome to flash@tupps.com, an area for the latest flash experiments. As with all areas of the tupps.com website this will be constantly changing, subscribe to the updates to find our when things change. Check out this example of Flash and XML in a pratical setting, created for Greenpeace.

Previously I had a latest news bar that would read in XML data and display it as a continually updating display. Now the latest news bar has been updated to use RSS data which many sites use for syndication of their news feeds. It wouldn't be hard to turn this into a full blown RSS news reader.

Check out my tutorial on how this is done.


New Latest News Tutorial (v2)
Demonstrations of scrolling lines within a text box.
Demonstration of loading a XML file with line breaks into flash.
Demonstrating Line breaks using <br> in XML
Demonstration of XML merging Online.
Demonstration of embedding HTML in XML using flash.
Demo of Loading XML text into Flash
Latest News Tutorial
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